Molly Worth

6 Tips to Attract Baby Boomers to Multi-family Housing

Molly Worth
November 16, 2021

While there’s always talk about what millennials and other young generations want as consumers, multi-family operators are increasingly shifting their sights to older demographics, specifically Baby Boomers, when it comes to attracting prospective residents. A recent survey by Freddie Mac reports that a whopping five million Baby Boomers plan to rent their next home. This flies in the…

RemoteLock’s Response to Supply Chain Disruptions

Molly Worth
November 4, 2021

Maybe you’re in the same boat as a lot of consumers. As the holidays approach, you’re hearing warnings about ordering your gifts early. Or, you’ve already ordered products in the last few months that have taken an inordinate amount of time to arrive or, worse, are simply out of stock. Yes, the world seems to…

Wi-Fi vs. Z-Wave Locks: Insider Intel

Molly Worth
October 20, 2021

So, you’re on the hunt for the best smart locks for your multi-family, vacation rental, or commercial property. If you’ve done even an initial search, you’ve likely seen smart locks that connect via Wi-Fi and Z-Wave, two of the most popular connection technologies for smart locks. How do you decide between Wi-Fi vs Z-Wave locks?…

Opportunity Knocks for Multifamily Operators with Home Sharing

Molly Worth
October 13, 2021

While the term may be new, the concept of home sharing has been around for ages. Dating back to the days of boarding houses, the model has homeowners directly providing lodging—be it a room, granny flat, carriage house or other space—to travelers for a fee. Of course, these days, homeowners (and multifamily operators, too) are…

Turnkey Access Control is a Property Manager’s Dream

Molly Worth
September 22, 2021

Quick! If you’re a multi-family property manager, what are your top priorities? Maintaining budgeted occupancy Resolving residential non-payment Maintaining properties Pumping up NOI Multifamily access control Improving the resident experience If you answered “all of the above,” that’s not surprising. Multi-family property managers have plenty of daily demands, each needing immediate attention. That’s why many multi-family…