RemoteLock’s Platform API

The Platform API allows third parties to leverage our industry-leading access control software functionality or any of our integrated hardware. You can rely on RemoteLock for the power and ease of offering access control solutions minus the complexity and cost of building and maintaining it yourself.

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Complete Access Control Functionality 

RemoteLock is tremendously flexible software with hundreds of useful features for you to leverage. Choose one or several to customize your access control solution:

  • Time-bound PINs
  • Access schedules
  • Door groups
  • Notifications
  • Audits and reports
  • Hierarchy of administrative roles and permissions
  • Shared devices
  • And more
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Unmatched Connected Hardware

RemoteLock offers one of the widest varieties of compatible hardware available on the market, from wireless smart locks to hardware for wired access solutions. The RemoteLock platform manages hundreds of lock models from leading smart lock brands and wired access hardware used in vacation rental, multifamily, commercial and other industries. With RemoteLock’s Platform API, you can control any and all of these devices from your own application.

As we continue to add compatible hardware to our platform, you can quickly expand your customer offerings. Eliminate the development and ongoing management of integrations with multiple hardware partners. If it’s on the RemoteLock platform, you can offer it to your customers.

Choice In Compatible Access Hardware

Choice In Compatible Access Credentials

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PIN Codes
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RFID Cards & Fobs
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Offline & Algorithmic
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Mobile Credentials

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