By “Universal,”
We Mean Universal

At RemoteLock, we’ve never met a door we didn’t like. Our access control software has brought efficiency and security to mobile medical cabinets, shower facilities at truck stops, a self-serve bookstore, e-bike rental lockers and the list goes on.

Transformative, Cloud-Based Technology

Wondering where you can use access control systems for small business? Well, here are just a few thought-starters…

img bike locker
Bike Lockers

A secure system via algorithmic locks that integrates with a reservation system

img coworking

Easily control occupancy and access with specific start and end times

img showers

A convenient rental/reservation system via RemoteLock and its integrations

img gyms

Managing occupancy and memberships via access control

img medical cabinet
Medical Cabinets

A cost-effective solution to secure medical supplies

img municipal building
Municipal Buildings

Rental/reservation of city spaces transformed by RemoteLock

img offices

Monitoring of entry, usage, occupancy, and more with ease

img restaurant

Custom access schedules for staff and vendors

img com kitchen 1
Commercial Kitchens

Convenient member access and monitoring of entries

img urgent care
Health / Urgent Care

Meeting compliance and security requirements with advanced access control

img library

For efficiently reserving/renting community spaces

img model home
Model Homes

Convenient access for touring prospects minus on-site staff

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