Let’s Connect the Dots
Or Rather, Doors

RemoteLock helps simplify your operations. That means complete access management that works on all your property’s doors—those with smart locks and hardwired ones, too. We call it universal access control, as every door is managed on one intuitive dashboard. For you (letting people in from your phone), it’s just gleefully easy.

One Platform For Smart Locks & Wired Access Systems

Have hardwired doors at main entrances? Look to RemoteLock’s cloud-based software to easily manage these along with more affordable smart locks on interior doors.

Locks 2

Smart Locks

A smart lock is a Wi-Fi or Z-Wave-enabled device that lets you finally get rid of all those keys. And because RemoteLock software always keeps an open mind, you can choose from many popular brands of smart locks to customize your system.


Hardwired Access Control

These reliable solutions are hardwired right into your building’s power supply. This type of wired access control is ideal for doors that see hundreds of entries and exits each day. Count on RemoteLock to integrate these hardwired doors and your smart locks into one streamlined system. 

Want the Full Story On Access Control?

Read our comprehensive guide on all the ins and outs of access control systems.

Software Designed to Support

Many Brands & Technologies

Technology Types

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Wi-Fi Smart Locks

Lock hardware with built-in Wi-Fi tech connecting directly to your network


Z-Wave Smart Locks

Responsive smart locks using a Z-Wave hub to connect to your network

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Hardwired Access Control

Wired ACS to support heavy-use and high-security doors

Hardware Brands



Driving innovations in connected, smart locks…



Integrates easily with this booking Residential/commercial door…



Products & services to secure physical and digital spaces…

Software Brands



Integrates with this property management software



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The platform that connects

any door any lock any software

Easily control access to every space—resident units, vacation rentals, interior offices, garages, pools, elevators. No more replacing keys, rekeying costs or lockouts. Just delete a lost credential and issue a new one in seconds. Need to add doors? That’s easy, too, as RemoteLock is infinitely scalable and grows with your business.

Access Is Just The Start

Kick all those keys to the curb and use one platform to create access schedules for everyone—employees, visitors, vendors, short-term guests, and more. 

Multifamily Property Manager
Property Manager

Manages access to every door, gaining valuable visibility


Gain access only to authorized spaces during authorized times

VR Guest

Get access to spaces for specified times

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Use self-expiring codes for only certain spaces

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