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Meet the First Universal Access Control Platform
With most access control software, you’re stuck with limited hardware options. RemoteLock lets you manage access your way.

Compatible Lock Harwdare

We’re hardware agnostic, so you can choose the brand of smart lock you prefer.

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Our software is uber friendly, smoothly integrating with the business software you’re already using.

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Upgrade to a best-in-class, future-proof solution that’s flexible enough to grow with your business.

Enterprise-Grade Access Control Software

Whether you manage a few doors or thousands, RemoteLock makes it easy.

Customize access schedules for everyone—housekeeping, residents, tenants, employees. Guests and maintenance get self-expiring PINs that work during the times you set. Ours is a platform that scales to your needs.

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Choose from an unparalleled selection of hardware. Integrate RemoteLock with the software you’re already using. And build the user experience you want with PINs, prox cards, mobile credentials and more.

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Our software is easy to learn and makes managing access painless. Quickly provide access to custom groups of doors. Save and reuse customized schedules. 

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Reports are easy to run and customize. Instantly see who’s coming and going, and where. Set up notifications for when guests arrive, batteries are low, locks go offline and more. 

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What Can Universal Access Control
Do For Your Business?

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Multifamily Properties

Streamline operations and put every door on one dashboard.

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Automatically send access codes to guests and cleaners.

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Commercial Properties

Deploy cloud-based access control across your enterprise.

Pick a Door, Any Door

RemoteLock makes access control easy because we support every kind of door — from residential doors and commercial doors to garage entries and elevators. (Exception: Not the spooky ones in sci-fi movies that lead to the next dimension.) 

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Kudos From Our Customers

“The fact that RemoteLock works with a variety of smart lock brands is a big advantage. In most cases, we didn’t have to rip and replace hardware.”


Nick Goudreau

Director of Access & Utilities | Landing