New Year’s Resolutions You CAN Keep

Molly Worth
December 29, 2021

It’s that time again! The turning of the calendar to a new year brings both the opportunity to reflect on the last 12 months and the chance to begin planning for the next dozen. Before you jump to the ol’ stand-bys of “eat healthier” and “spend less time on social media,” we offer this ready-made…

A Japanese Case Study: Throwing Away the Keys to the City

Molly Worth
December 21, 2021

Have you ever wondered what your city will look like 50 years from now? Maybe it’s full of high-speed trains, hydroponic greenhouses on every corner, even people in personal jetpacks and VR goggles. One city in Japan has taken a step into the future albeit sans jetpacks. Omitama, located an hour northeast of Tokyo, underwent…

Access Control Systems: The Basics & Beyond

Molly Worth
November 22, 2021

Smart locks have made access management easier than ever. Everyone from vacation rental owners to multi-family operators to businesses of all sizes are turning to these new modern gadgets to make access easy and boost security. But there are places where smart locks just don’t fill the bill. Enter wired access control systems. What is…

How Innovators, Entrepreneurs, & Disrupters are Reimagining Access Control

Molly Worth
September 8, 2021

Medical cabinets, bike lockers, multi-family properties, a self-serve bookstore, even shower facilities for truckers at gas stations—RemoteLock solutions truly work for any door, anywhere. The rise of smart locks and access control has helped bring security and convenience to a broad range of people, places, and things. At RemoteLock, we’ve seen our fair share of…

How to Gain Visibility With Electronic Access Control

Molly Worth
August 11, 2021

See and Control Access at Every Door When access is comprised of mechanical locks and physical keys, the property manager’s job is extra challenging. Managing and entrusting hard keys to residents, leasing agents, maintenance, cleaning crews, repair professionals and more is a bit like passing out pieces of a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. You hope they…