5 Reasons Using RemoteLock + Yardi Voyager Is a No-Brainer

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Preferred by nearly 10,000 companies across the U.S., Yardi Voyager® is a leading provider of  end-to-end, web-based property management software. And now, RemoteLock interfaces with Yardi Voyager, bringing customers one powerful solution to manage their properties and property access for residents. Other than the popularity of Yardi Voyager, why is this particular interface so important for property managers? Let’s take a closer look. 

Integrations abound in the digital age, as more and more software developers seek to ensure all systems in a business work in harmony to increase productivity and data consistency. That’s why the RemoteLock platform was designed with an open API, allowing our customers to integrate smoothly with other essential business software. 

1. It automates time-sucking tasks.

Apartment turnovers are access-heavy events that occur frequently at multifamily properties. Via this interface, lease-related details from Yardi Voyager automatically sync up with RemoteLock. This means access codes are automatically created for a leased unit and its associated doors. Then the codes are revoked for units that become vacant. 

2. It really automates.

Unlike other access solutions who use the term “automation” loosely, the RemoteLock and Yardi Voyager interface is completely automated with no manual entry required once it’s set up. With the help of RemoteLock’s Customer Success Team, it’s simple to create “triggers” within your RemoteLock account, so vacant units automatically move in/out of a door group based on their status in Voyager.

For example, a unit is tagged as vacant in Voyager and the former resident’s access code is revoked. Via the triggers you’ve set up, RemoteLock moves the vacant unit’s smart lock into a “dynamic” or turnover mode. Now, PINs are automatically generated for all the many vendors who need to turn the unit. Without you lifting a finger!

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3. It helps you reach occupancy goals quicker.

When apartment turnovers drag on and on, units are vacant for longer. And that costs money. The simple solution of automating access for all the ins and outs of the turnover process saves time and money. For example, let’s say your painters and carpet layers have backed up schedules (a common occurrence these days). The painter can finish the job one weekday evening after hours and the carpet installer has an opening on Saturday. With time-bound access codes automatically delivered, the jobs get done efficiently, safely and without a staff member having to be on-site. 

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4. It enhances safety.

Because the RemoteLock-Yardi Voyager interface is fully automated, there’s no room for human error. You needn’t worry about staff or vendors accessing a unit that’s already occupied—a serious liability.  

5. It yields valuable ROI.

Remember, ROI doesn’t just mean dollars in your bottom line. Streamlining operations saves time, which is a valuable commodity these days. If one apartment turnover typically involves one maintenance team member and three outside vendors, you’ll spend some time each day of this process either facilitating access with a key or managing various codes manually. With RemoteLock + Yardi Voyager, you enjoy a “set it and forget” system. In addition to saving on labor costs, you get increased accuracy, as automation reduces human error and yields more time to do things like build stronger resident relationships. Best of all, the automation from this interface helps get more units leased faster—a clear positive impact on any multifamily operation’s bottom line.

Turnover Team Has Access to Apartment

Already a RemoteLock user? Already a Yardi Voyager user? Either way, we can help you get started with the easy set-up of this  interface. If you’re ready to accelerate those time-consuming apartment turns, set up a consultation today with a RemoteLock expert.

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