Pynwheel x RemoteLock: The Ultimate Self-Touring Solution

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Chrissy Priest
September 7, 2020

Contactless touring has taken the multi-family rental industry by storm. 83% of American renters prefer self-touring over other virtual options for its convenience and ability to experience a property in-person. For property managers, self-touring options provide schedule flexibility and extra time given back to their teams, which ultimately frees up resources and fuels occupancy. And thanks to…

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What is Universal Access Control Software? 

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Chrissy Priest
September 2, 2020

No matter the number of doors or the number of properties in a manager’s portfolio, access control is undoubtedly one of the most important — and often most challenging — counterparts of a successful property management strategy. And for good reason: making the switch from physical keys to smart locks and using cloud-based universal access control…

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3 Steps to Successful Self-Guided Tours

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Chrissy Priest
August 5, 2020

In an age of improved technology and reduced human-to-human contact, the multi-family rental industry has countless opportunities for increasing operational efficiency — particularly when it comes to offering in-unit tours. Although a contactless approach is rapidly growing in popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, self-guided tours are expected to continue far beyond the current recommendations…

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How do smart locks really work?

Vincent Chiclacos
Vincent Chiclacos
June 3, 2020

All smart locks are not created equal and neither is the technology that powers them. Some locks connect to the internet directly while others require a Bluetooth or Z-Wave hub to connect to Wi-Fi. Once connected to Wi-Fi, these technologies enable your smart locks to be controlled remotely via cloud-based software. Here’s a quick rundown of…

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Marketing Tips for Selling Model Homes and Spec Homes

September 3, 2019

Whether sales agents are stationed at every model home or online consultants are waiting for inquiries, here are some basic ways to increase the number of potential home buyers that tour your model homes or spec houses. Make Showings More Convenient for Home Buyers Expanding access hours is convenient for buyers because they are able…

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