Cruise Control for Turns

Our integrations with popular property management software let you dramatically accelerate your apartment turnovers. Automate access needs for residents, staff and vendors involved in turnovers, saving you precious time and helping vacant units reach occupancy quicker. 

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Seamless Integration, Smooth Automation  

A true automation, these integrations work smoothly behind-the-scenes without users ever leaving their preferred PMS. They allow lease-related details from each PMS to automatically sync with RemoteLock. Now, access codes are automatically delivered to residents, staff and vendors when they need them, and revoked when they don’t.

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Set It and Forget It

New resident is added to a unit from your PMS.

RemoteLock automatically grants resident access.

Resident move out is triggered in your PMS.

RemoteLock automatically revokes resident access.

Resident is moved out and cleaning is scheduled.

RemoteLock automatically grants limited-time access to vendors and inspectors.

Cleaning and Maintenance of a unit is complete.

RemoteLock automatically revokes access for vendors
and inspectors.

Diagram of Automatic Turnover Access with your PMS and RemoteLock

Access for Turnovers and More

This is a true integration that syncs lease- and service-related details from your PMS directly with RemoteLock to automate your most tedious tasks.

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No Manual Entry for Unit Access

Access permissions are automatic based on status in the PMS.

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No Swiveling Between Systems

No need for switching back and forth between different software systems.

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No Unauthorized Access

Time-bound PINs ensure vendors only have access when they need it.

No Pesky Keys Image
No Pesky Management of Keys

No need to manage physical keys and rekey doors. 

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Our ultra-flexible platform is designed to work with an ever-growing list of smart lock brands and hardwired solutions. Chat with us today about how RemoteLock simplifies property access, automates time-consuming tasks and eliminates the hassle of keys for good.