What Is Door Access Control? 

Door access control or, more commonly, an access control system, provides a way to manage doors or access points on a given property. More than just locking hardware, door access control often involves software designed specifically to communicate with smart locks and/or hardwired doors to allow or prohibit entry at property doors. 

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Why Is Door Access Control Important? 

There are obvious reasons why door access control is important. Property owners need to keep their properties and assets safe. While in days past, this meant slapping on a physical lock or deadbolt, today’s IoT-driven landscape has introduced more sophistication and functionality to this basic safety need. With smart locks enabled by access control software like RemoteLock, you can implement a transformational technology that not only improves security, but also maximizes efficiency and reduces costs. Here’s how it delivers. 

Cloud Enabled Software for Door Access Control

Door access control like RemoteLock is a cloud-based universal solution. It’s future-proof, meaning it can flex to meet the needs of your properties and your business, and it can expand when your portfolio does. This door access control system also makes remote management simple and accessible, allowing you to add, revoke and monitor access or usage at a moment’s notice from wherever you are.

✓ Saves time
Hardwired Access Support

If you’re managing a smaller number of doors or properties, or if you don’t require door access control at more complex entries like elevators, garages or glass doors, you may not need hardwired access control. However, if you’ve identified hardwired access as the best solution for any of your on-site applications, find a software platform that can manage these doors in addition to the smart locks you’ve installed in other areas. RemoteLock allows you to control and monitor your hardwired doors and those enabled with smart locks from the convenience of one, easy-to-use platform.

✓ Saves money on multiple systems
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Credential Flexibility

Your door access control should take into account the user experience. You want to give users an easy, smooth experience which likely means using a variety of credential types, such as PIN codes, key fobs and prox cards, and mobile and Bluetooth capabilities. Different doors across your properties also require different credential types. For example, PINs work just fine at unit doors. But you may opt for a hardwired reader at the parking garage which reads windshield tags to grant access. So, ensure the software platform you’re choosing can support an array of credential types to improve the user experience for residents, guests, tenants, staff and anyone else who enters your property.

✓ Drives user satisfaction
✓ Saves money on multiple systems
Hardware Variety & Flexibility

A universal access control solution should work regardless of which lock, which door and which property you’re securing, and it connects with the locks you already have installed on your properties—even if they’re hardwired. RemoteLock offers smart lock options from the leading manufacturers like Schlage, Kwikset, Igloo, Yale and others, allowing you to mix and match depending on which locks you need and where you need them.

✓ Ensures future-proof solution
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All-Door Coverage

The same variety and flexibility you have with hardware should also apply to door types and difficult-to-manage entries. You want your door access control system to cover glass doors, elevators and parking garages, too. Better yet, door access control like RemoteLock allows you to manage user permissions with settings per door and per property, and even floor-to-floor elevator capability.

✓ Saves time swiveling between systems
Open API

Thanks to RemoteLock’s robust API, door access control functionality can be easily connected to other business processes. 

  • This door access control integrates with property management software (PMS). That yields benefits for multifamily property managers who are constantly dealing with unit turnover. Through these integrations, RemoteLock automates access for residents, staff and everyone involved in turning over units. Property managers just continue working in the PMS, while RemoteLock works behind the scenes to automate access. 
  • With RemoteLock’s partner, Community Boss, residents reserve spots from an app on their smartphones at your coworking space, party lounge, community kitchen or even on specific pieces of exercise equipment like a Peloton. Because Community Boss is integrated with RemoteLock, you ensure the resident has a unique PIN to access the reserved space during the reservation window. What’s more, Community Boss has built-in tools for easy credit card payments, so you can charge hourly, daily or monthly fees or take in damage deposits that can be automatically refunded if not used. This means you can easily monetize amenities like guest suites, clubhouses, community kitchen, scooter rental and more.
  • RemoteLock also integrates with two popular self-touring apps: Power Pro and PynWheel. These give prospective residents the power to schedule self-guided tours when it’s most convenient for them. Via the RemoteLock integration, each of these apps can then automatically deliver self-expiring access codes for certain spaces or model units that are shared during the tour. Bonus: Both apps send notifications with tour reminders and directions to where to start on the property. Double bonus: Both apps request an image of photo ID for verification to ensure safety. 
✓ Streamlines operations
✓ Saves time & money 
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RemoteLock Software Dashboard
Ease of Use

With RemoteLock, you manage and control all your locks on every door at every property from one intuitive dashboard. That means less time, less money and fewer headaches spent navigating a multitude of tedious systems. Instead, managing your door access control is easy, effective and enjoyable for you and your team. Plus, it’s designed to grow with your business. You feel confident in the system no matter how many doors you add.

✓ Streamlines operations
✓ Saves time & money

Turn to Experts for Door Access Control

Door access control doesn’t have to be hard. With the right partner like RemoteLock, you can make sure the security and door access control of your buildings or properties is in the best possible position. Cloud-based access control software gives business owners and managers the necessary fluidity, allowing users to quickly allow or revoke access, scale up or scale down, add doors and locks—basically react nimbly to changing circumstances. This kind of quick pivoting is imperative for businesses who want to survive and even thrive in today’s world. 

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