Self-guided touring made simple.

RemoteLock has partnered with Pynwheel to provide a seamless touring solution for the multi-family, home builder, and commercial real estate industries. Improve the leasing and showing process for renters and buyers, monitor user and property access in real-time, and increase safety standards for COVID-19 by providing a contactless experience.

How It Works

RemoteLock’s access control technology fully integrates with Pynwheel’s self-guided touring platform, giving prospects the freedom to tour your property on their own time — and giving you the power to cut time, save money, and boost occupancy.

self tour building


Pynwheel’s Self Tour mobile app allows prospective tenants and homeowners to schedule a tour on your property, on their time.

self tour pool


Pre-upload all your property’s features and details for public spaces and show units, and guide the prospect through the space with interactive maps.  

self tour layout


Send prospects self-expiring access codes to enter certain spaces using RemoteLock’s universal access control platform.

convenient image


Self-guided tours allow prospects to tour a property on weekends or outside business hours without the presence of a team member or an agent. 


For property managers, home builders, and real estate agents, self-guiding touring frees up team resources while creating more time to devote to higher-selling activities.

efficient image
staying safe


With social distancing protocols and higher safety standards as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, prospects and managers can rest easy with the limited human interaction required for a self-guided touring solution.