Contactless Check-In: Easier Than You Think

In the digital age, self-service has quickly become the norm when going about our daily lives. We use self-service checkouts at the grocery store, pump our own gas, check into our flights and tag our own bags. At the start of the pandemic, Salesforce reported that 69% of decision makers at service organizations say self-service is a major part of their service strategy. The bottom line? Today’s consumer wants to be in control, getting things done quickly and conveniently. That’s why contactless check-in makes so much sense. 

A hotel guest uses contactless check-in.

Do More With Less

Owners and managers of bed and breakfasts, inns and boutique hotels have a unique opportunity to embrace this trend through contactless check-in. While the hotel guest of the past expected a personalized welcome upon arrival, today’s guests—especially business travelers—favor convenience over standing in line at a front desk. Having an unmanned front desk yields significant bottom-line savings in labor costs while providing a smart solution for staff shortages, too. 

Technology Steps In at the Front Desk

RemoteLock vacation rental management app

With a simple solution of affordable smart locks and cloud-based, access control software like RemoteLock, you’re well on your way to offering contactless check-in. RemoteLock has several integration partners that facilitate digital registration and contactless check-in, including Whistle and Lodgix. Recently acquired by Cloudbeds, Whistle for Cloudbeds gives hotels the ability to have real-time SMS and mobile messaging with guests. Specifically designed to manage vacation rentals, inns, boutique hotels and B&Bs, Lodgix features online booking and comprehensive guest management.

Paired with RemoteLock, either of these integration partners now have the expanded capability of access control from your laptop or smartphone, from wherever you are. 

For Whistle for Cloudbeds and RemoteLock customers, it’s easy to sync your RemoteLock account to create and revoke PINs in the guest profile. Additionally, you can schedule automated messages to send these PINs right to your guests through the Whistle app at any time you choose. 

More Ways Automation Streamlines Your Operations

vacation rental guests enter a rental

Don’t forget! Access control software like RemoteLock affords more benefits than contactless check-in. 

  • Save countless hours on mundane tasks like key handoffs, guest lockouts and trips to properties.
  • Customize access schedules with time-bound PINs for maintenance and cleaners.
  • See who is where and when from a single, easy-to-use dashboard on a desktop or mobile phone. 

Save the Human Touch for When It Really Counts

A vacation rental manager takes a phone call from a guest.

Once you’ve nailed a faster, keyless check-in for the guests, you free up yourself and your staff to do what humans do best: Provide an outstanding hospitality experience. 

  • Communicate with guests immediately (in person or via an app like Whistle) to find out what they’d like to experience during their stay and offer helpful suggestions. 
  • Be their Johnny-on-the-spot when guests experience a complex problem that an internet search can’t handle like deciding between two local restaurants or a loud neighbor that needs quieting. 
  • Stay on top of housekeeping standards. As every hotel owner knows, cleanliness or the lack of it always tops complaint lists. 
  • Be available when the time is right to upsell with things like room service, spa treatments, excursions and more. 

Today, delivering a positive customer experience requires balancing technology that saves time with human customer service that provides empathy and solves complex issues. Employing an unmanned front desk is an ideal way to achieve this.

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Whistle for Cloudbeds is a guest engagement tool. It enhances the tools already available within the Cloudbeds platform to help lodging businesses streamline operations, build revenue faster and deliver memorable guest experiences daily. 

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RemoteLock is the first universal access control platform, allowing managers in multifamily, vacation rental and commercial industries to choose from an ever-expanding offering of smart locks, integrate with essential software and manage it all on one platform.

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