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Thinking about testing the digital waters with a smart lock? Now’s a great time, as the selection of smart locks has never been better. Researchers valued the smart lock market at $2.1 billion USD in 2023, and it’s expected to keep growing. 

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For newcomers, TTLock and its compatible smart locks can be the ideal choice. This software platform offers a wide selection of compatible smart locks, many of which are super affordable. There are a multitude of different styles with different functionalities, so you’re bound to find one that’s right for each of your properties. All in all, the smart locks on the TTLock platform are a smart way to dip your toe in the water without significant investment. 

What’s more, hardware that works on the TTLock platform comes with a range of credentials that residential customers find appealing, explains Stuart Duncan, who leads RemoteLock’s U.K. and Europe divisions. “Most have a fingerprint sensor, and in the consumer market they love the fingerprint credential. But TTLocks also support mobile credentials, so you can create e-keys. You’ve also got PINs. You’ve got remote fobs you can operate at 10 meters away. They’ve really given you the whole range of credentials.” 

Those with certain commercial applications will find solutions with TTLocks, too. Many storefronts in the U.S. feature glass doors with a narrow frame, which can prove challenging to outfit with electronic locks. The PROLOK Slimline smart lock is an ideal choice for these doors. For timber doors featuring tubular or mortise latch, the PROLOK Deluxe is a better choice. Duncan has seen widespread use of these smart locks throughout the U.K. and Europe where these types of doors are also frequently found.  

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Take Your TTLocks to the Next Level

For those with more robust vacation rental businesses who need more functionality, RemoteLock integrates with TTLock and all the smart locks on its platform with the use of PIN credentials. That’s good in terms of guest satisfaction, as they prefer the convenience of using PINs immediately at a property’s door. Property managers like the easy management of them, too. There are no keys to track or replace, and there’s no need to manually change codes on locks or lockboxes.  Better yet, the RemoteLock-TTLock integration affords even more benefits:

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  • Easily set up automated guest access through RemoteLock’s integration with Airbnb. Once you approve a booking, a unique PIN that works during the reservation window automatically goes out to the guest. 
  • Streamline your technology stack and your operations via RemoteLock’s integrations with property management software like Hostfully, Streamline and more. 
  • Easily scale your operations from 1 to 100s and manage all your TTLocks from one centralized dashboard.
  • Leverage RemoteLock’s Door Groups function, which offers a quick way to assign all the doors in one group to a guest. 

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Upgrade Access With RemoteLock + TTLock

Wherever you use TTLocks at your vacation rentals, or multifamily or commercial properties, you’re bound to appreciate the added control and time-savings RemoteLock gives your access management.

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