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Keep Move-Ins & Move-Outs Moving

Instead of getting bogged down in all the mundane tasks around access during your apartment turnovers, kick things into high gear with RemoteLock + AppFolio. It’s a true integration with RemoteLock working behind the scenes to automate access, while you continue to use the AppFolio interface you’re already using.

How Does It Work?

This powerful integration syncs lease-related details from AppFolio right into RemoteLock for valuable automations. Here’s what’s happening behind the scenes while you get on with more important stuff:

  • RemoteLock detects when a lease begins, so access codes are automatically created for a resident for unit and common doors.
  • Set a resident to move out in AppFolio and again, RemoteLock sees it and access rights are automatically revoked. 
  • Ready for the turnover? Data from Work Order status in AppFolio syncs up with RemoteLock, automatically issuing access for staff and vendors during the turn. 
  • Once the turnover is complete and the Work Order status is updated in AppFolio, RemoteLock automatically revokes access for staff and vendors.
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Why Property Managers Love It

  • The delivery of access codes for everyone is automatic. 
  • Move-ins & move-outs are super smooth. 
  • Turnovers are hyper-efficient, so units are ready to rent faster. 
  • Safety is enhanced with time-bound, randomly generated access codes. 
  • Best of all, all these tasks are taken care of without ever leaving the AppFolio app!
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Our ultra-flexible platform is designed to work with an ever-expanding offering of smart lock brands and time-saving integrations just like this one with AppFolio. Chat with us today about transforming your business operations with our pioneering access control software. 

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