Community Boss and RemoteLock Announce Software Integration

Community Boss is excited to announce a new integration with RemoteLock to enable automated, permit-based access control.

EVERETT, WASHINGTON, USA, October 24, 2022 — Community Boss is excited to announce a new integration with RemoteLock to enable automated, permit-based access control. The modern multifamily community and community association can benefit from this partnership in multiple ways. The use of permit-based access control allows for better self-service and security community-wide. From parking entry gates to gyms, installed access just got a lot smarter and more dynamic.

The integration gives communities the ability to:

  • Grant physical access to amenity spaces only during reserved time
  • Unlock doors or open gates via private keycode
  • Eliminate the need for easy-to-lose fobs, clickers, and access cards
  • Restrict access to amenities to keep them secure when not in use

RemoteLock works with both smart locks and hardwired access control to allow remote access to every door on the property, all on one dashboard. This ability combined with Community Boss’s simple amenity and parking reservation dashboard allows residents to access spaces without keys, fobs, or a visit to the office. The self-expiring access code works in tandem with the reservation’s time limit, keeping everything a resident needs in one place.

About Community Boss

Community Boss delivers parking, amenity, and mapping proptech solutions to the apartment, HOA, and condo industries. Community Boss makes communities better to live in, easier to manage, and more valuable to own through their innovative proptech stack that simplifies living. The integration with RemoteLock will most heavily benefit Community Boss users who use the Amenity Reservations solution. Amenity Reservations are made easy on the online platform, with payments and automatic refundable deposits. Learn more about Community Boss:

About RemoteLock

RemoteLock sets the standard in universal access control with its easy-to-use, scalable, and future-proof software platform. It provides users in multifamily, vacation rental, and commercial industries the ultimate flexibility and control—so they can easily grant any person access to any space, from anywhere. RemoteLock manages the greatest diversity of smart locks and wired access control devices from leading manufacturers and can easily integrate with other essential business software. Headquartered in Denver, CO, RemoteLock has customers in over 65 countries. Learn more about RemoteLock:

Kim Garcia

Kim Garcia

Director of Marketing

Kim Garcia is the director of marketing for RemoteLock. She draws her professional energy from seeing technology solutions brought to life that make the world a safer place to live, work and play. She has spent her career in the security industry for that very reason and has gained specific expertise in wireless security, access control and integrator perspectives.