Easily Integrate Any Lock With
Lock Connector

RemoteLock’s Lock Connector—an industry first—is why our access control platform can manage the most smart locks in the industry.

Integrating with smart locks is complex and time-consuming. With no standardized integration methods and proprietary APIs for each smart lock, the process is a heavy lift. RemoteLock speeds up this process with its breakthrough Lock Connector SDK. Lock Connector is a micro-application that implements all device-specific logic and exposes it as a common API, allowing remarkably quick scaling of lock integrations with RemoteLock software. It provides developers everything they need to integrate between the lock API and the RemoteLock platform, including:

  • a virtual lock
  • sandbox environment for development and testing
  • sample code for the virtual lock

To ensure the smart lock is managed securely and safely, RemoteLock also provides ongoing support and a full security audit of the code prior to deployment in production.

Whether you’re a developer looking to add your hardware to the RemoteLock platform, or a customer who’d like RemoteLock to add a new piece of hardware to our managed devices, Lock Connector is the easy answer.

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