One Platform Gives You Enterprise-Wide Access Control

Managing commercial access control systems at facilities with multiple locations can be complicated. RemoteLock simplifies access control through cloud-based access software that allows you to control movement in and around buildings, verify occupancy numbers and increase safety from a single point of command.  


Build a Technology Stack for Today and Tomorrow

As one of the industry’s leading commercial access control systems, RemoteLock brings everything together on one platform. That’s one system to cover your entire enterprise–interior doors with affordable wireless locks, main entrances with wired access control, parking garages and elevators. 


Whether you use PIN codes, key cards or mobile credentials, RemoteLock commercial access control system beats physical keys and mechanical locks every time. Now, you have real-time visibility across every building and every space. From one central dashboard, you see detailed access logs, and can quickly create and revoke access codes. Need to track occupancy in your spaces? RemoteLock makes that easy, too.


PIN codes are great for office doors. Key fobs and prox cards are preferred for hardwired main entrances. Then there’s mobile, which conveniently works right from your smartphone. Choose one credential type, or mix and match. RemoteLock makes it work on one system.


Our cloud-based platform gives you the flexibility today’s business environment demands. Easily scale your system from one door to hundreds or even thousands. Even better news: no matter how many doors you have, you’ll manage them all from one central dashboard via your smartphone or laptop.


With RemoteLock’s impressive and growing list of integration partners, you rest assured that this solution will stand the test of time. Built around an open API, our solution is designed to work seamlessly with the other essential business software you’re already using.

Seamlessly Integrate With Leading Brands


Simplify the User Experience

Building Manager

Has enterprise-wide control from one dashboard


Can easily create employee access schedules


Enjoys the ease of a temporary access code


Uses self-expiring PIN that’s good only for authorized spaces