How Smart Locks Can Streamline Vacation Rental Cleaning

With traditional locks and keys, managing guests’ and cleaners’ access to your property is a full-time job. Fortunately, smart locks empowered by access control software eliminate the need to hand over and pick up keys before and after your property has been cleaned. Learn more about smart locks managed by access control software and how this solution can make turning over your vacation rental property a breeze. 

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Smart Locks Simplify More Than Just Check-In 


Without a doubt, technology is a strong enabler for growth and security. Nowhere is this more evident than the trend toward cloud-based access control software and smart locks in the vacation rental industry. Hosts who are scaling their Airbnb businesses are discovering that remote control of access and automatic delivery of access codes to guests are game-changers.

For example, if guests are running late or want to check out early, you can easily accommodate them by remotely controlling your smart lock’s unique access codes right from an app on your smartphone. 

You can also use smart locks and access control software to simplify your turnover cleaning process. Making trips back and forth to let cleaners in and out of the rental is a thing of the past. With a solution like RemoteLock, you can see from a quick glance at your dashboard that your cleaner has taken care of your property. If a cleaning schedule should change unexpectedly, you can easily change the access schedule. Remote access control is critical for those owners who live many miles away from their properties or who frequently travel.   

How to Use Keyless Entry to Make Cleaning a Breeze 

Having to keep track of traditional keys can be frustrating, as they can easily be lost, stolen, copied or locked inside the property. Avoid these headaches with smart locks empowered by access control software. Learn how to use universal access control to automate your turnover cleaning process. 

1. Share Code With Cleaner
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With access control software, you can automatically generate a code for your cleaners. Then, you can simply share it with them via phone, and you don’t have to worry about passing the keys to the next cleaners. 

This means that if you hire different cleaners, you can set each access code to be valid only for the duration of a specific cleaning project. On the other hand, if you work with the same cleaner for each turnover, you may choose to keep the code the same. 

Having the ability to create special codes for each cleaner gives you control over who has access to your property and at what time. Share a unique code with your cleaner and go on with your day — without having to worry about getting your keys back.

2. Create Unique Codes in Case of Needed Maintenance
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Running into issues at your property can be a hassle. If your guests or cleaner report a problem, you can connect with your trusted handyman and share an access code so they can perform the needed repair. 

To further automate the process, check out TurnoverBnB’s cleaning automation platform. With this software, cleaners are able to report issues identified during a turnover by providing hosts with photos and descriptions. Hosts can then share this information with an outside contact, like a maintenance professional, and send him or her an access code to the property. Imagine! You get notified about a problem instantly and quickly give access to a professional to handle the maintenance or repair for you. 

3. Your Property Is Ready for the Next Guest 

Smart locks eliminate tedious back-and-forth messaging with your cleaner to know when your key is available for pick-up. Instead, your cleaner has a time-bound access code and a window of time to complete the turnover. The code expires at the time you set. A quick look at access events on your RemoteLock dashboard tells you when the cleaner arrives. You know the work is complete and your rental is ready for the next guest. (The guest, by the way, has a different access code generated through integration with Airbnb.)

Having trusted cleaning professionals who can handle each turnover with keyless entry is a vital ingredient to improving the guest experience and overall growth of your vacation rental business. 

Smart Locks and Access Control Software: Powerful Tools for Vacation Rental Cleaning

Never have to worry about coordinating with your guests and cleaners for a key pick-up again. By investing in the right access control solution, you can save time and improve guests’ check-in and check-out processes — all while streamlining cleaner communication and the turnover process. 

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Smart locks managed by access control software can help you develop a seamless, secure hosting experience while being proactive with potential cleaning and maintenance emergencies. To learn more about this transformative software for your vacation rental, turn to RemoteLock.

Learn more about how TurnoverBnB and RemoteLock work together to automatically send unique access codes to cleaners, saving you time and eliminating the hassle of key-handoffs forever. 

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