• home buyers contemplating

    How to Read the Minds of Home Buyers

    Home builders do their best to present their homes with the most alluring features to get people to buy. Model homes may have strong traffic, but many builders are falling short of the true goal: generating leads. Capturing key data on potential buyers while they’re searching for their next home enables builders to supply valuable leads to their marketing teams.
  • There’s a number of options available for managing entry into a coworking space.

    Five Ways to Manage Access to Coworking Spaces

    It’s definitely not hard to unlock and open a single door. But consider the magnitude of entry points into an office building. Now consider the number of entryways a coworking space may have. Suddenly the task of managing access is a little more daunting. There’s a number of options available for managing entry into a coworking space.
  • short term access for coworking spaces

    Tips for Managing Short-Term Access to Coworking Spaces

    Coworking spaces provide many perks for members. From flexible schedules to clean facilities, there’s little that members have to worry about. What makes coworking spaces great for members can also be a nightmare for managers and owners. Granting and managing temporary access to a coworking space can be a tedious task — there’s lots of opportunity for error.
  • rekeying locks and replacing keys is costly

    Your Keys Need an Upgrade

    If you've ever lost your keys you're far from alone. More than 20 million keys get lost every year in the United States. 

    That's the problem with keys. They're little lumps of metal. Whoever has one has access to whatever's locked up.

  • Manage Airbnb

    Best Smart Lock Practices for Airbnb

    Getting a key to an Airbnb guest can sometime be a challenge. Airbnb Business Travel Ready Hosts actually need to offer 24 x 7 access to the property. Smart locks can a great way to manage access and even monitor when guests arrive.