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Travel hasn’t slowed despite continuing inflation. In fact, 87% expect to travel as much as last year and 49% expect to travel more than last year, according to a Forbes survey. All the more reason for vacation rental owners and managers to up their games when attracting new guests and keeping them coming back. 

Besides the obvious strategies of providing accurate property details and colorful photos, what else can you do to turn up the volume in a cluttered marketplace? The pros say that concentrating on the guest experience is a proven way to attract guests and keep them coming back.

Luckily, there’s one easy upgrade you can make to your property that’s both a desirable amenity for guests and an operationally-efficient wonder for owners: a modern access control solution. Let’s see how the guest experience plays out as our guests, Will and Olivia, experience a vacation rental property with the added amenity of smart locks enabled with RemoteLock’s universal access control software. 


Guest Experience

After booking your loft on a popular booking platform, Will quickly receives a welcome email from you. The personal message addresses Will by name and confirms his stay dates, which is helpful as he won’t see anyone at the property. There’s a note that his access code will come 24 hours prior to his stay and a link to your digital guidebook. He feels good about his excellent choice of accommodations for his weekend getaway.

Your Experience

RemoteLock access control software is linked up to Airbnb and other popular booking platforms, so unique self-expiring access codes are automatically generated once a booking is approved. That’s a timesaver, not to mention one less worry about key handoffs or the guest getting locked out. 

Streamlined Access

Guest Experience
Guests Arrive at Vacation Rental and Use PIN

Although Will and Olivia’s flight was delayed and they arrived four hours later than expected, they have no problem getting into the property using their unique PIN code. He and Olivia appreciate the convenience. Their getaway starts immediately upon arrival without waiting in a line at a front desk. 

Your Experience

You can see that the couple has checked in via the auto notifications you set up—no need to be there. Plus, you have complete confidence that this check-in, and all the others in the coming weeks, will run smoothly thanks to automated codes and smart locks. Now, you can focus on enhancing their stay. 

Better Communication

Guest Experience
Guests Looks at text from Host

Will and Olivia are like most travelers these days. They expect proactive communication that’s also open and transparent. These two feel well taken care of with a follow-up message the day after their arrival asking if they have any questions that weren’t answered in the guidebook. They also feel like they’re getting a local experience with recommendations for nearby restaurants, coffee shops and a spa.

Your Experience 

You can automate messages for certain times (e.g., check-in, check-out, request for reviews). In most cases, the communications can still be modified to make guests feel they’re receiving concierge-like attention.  RemoteLock’s partners Whistle and Lodgix are two examples. Now that you’ve got more time on your hands from automating these tasks, you can send upsell messages to generate more revenue.

Increased Safety

Guest Experience
RemoteLock Software Scheduling

Will and Olivia have peace of mind that the loft is locked and only they have the right code. Plus, nobody has to worry about losing or forgetting keys. 

Your Experience

Ditto. You know that the time-bound code is unique for their stay and expires at check-out. No worries about running to a lockbox to manually change codes, or worse, not changing them at all and keeping your fingers crossed that previous guests don’t decide to “revisit.” Best of all, you can easily create or revoke new codes right from your smartphone or laptop, from anywhere. That means you have complete control over who has access to your property at all times.  

Reliable Cleaning Schedules

Guest Experience
Vacation Rental Housekeeper

Like most guests today, Will and Olivia expect a spotless home-away-from-home. And it is!

Your Experience

You can easily create a customized access schedule for your cleaner via RemoteLock. Her code works in the three-hour window right after a guest checks out. You monitor the cleaner’s access, so you know her work is completed on time and well before Will and Olivia arrived. 

Better yet, you’re also using Turno, another of RemoteLock’s partners. With this software, your cleaner is able to report a leaky faucet identified during the previous turnover. She sends you a photo and description via Turno. Then all you had to do was share this information with your plumber, who received an automated access code to the property. The faucet was fixed before Will and Olivia arrived, and you barely lifted a finger!  

More Personal Attention

Guest Experience
Vacation Rental Guest Gives 5 Star Review

Will and Olivia have soaked up all your local recommendations and devoured the welcome basket on day one. Olivia was also grateful that a fan was dropped off while she and Will were out exploring the city.  

Your Experience

There are no keys to track and handoff, and access is on auto-pilot. You even generated one-time access for a staff member to leave a fan without even bothering your guests. 

The simple solution of a few smart locks managed by RemoteLock, plus helpful integrations, has really enhanced Will and Olivia’s stay. The ease of entry, plus all the personalized attention you now have time to give them, leads to an excellent review and a promise to return.

Meeting & Exceeding Guest Expectations

You’ve nailed a faster, keyless check-in for the guests, not to mention gaining automations from RemoteLock’s integrations. Now you and your staff have more time to do what humans do best: Provide an outstanding hospitality experience. 

  • Communicate with guests immediately via apps like Whistle and Lodgix to find out what they’d like to experience during their stay and offer helpful suggestions. 
  • Be their Johnny-on-the-spot when guests experience a complex problem that an internet search can’t handle like deciding between two local restaurants or a loud neighbor that needs quieting. 
  • Stay on top of housekeeping standards. As every vacation rental manager knows, cleanliness or the lack of it always tops complaint lists. 
  • Be available when the time is right to upsell with things like room service, spa treatments, excursions and more. 

RemoteLock Software on Dashboard Image

Free Up Your Time to Drive Business

Savvy property managers know that repetitive tasks like responding to guest messages, communicating with cleaners and handing off keys can easily eat up time. When you put systems like RemoteLock in place to automate tasks, you have more time to delight guests and quickly solve any issues that need the human touch.

Get started with universal access control from RemoteLock by chatting with one of our experts today.

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