RemoteLock Now Yardi Standard Interface Partner 

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Interface With RemoteLock Access Control Software Automates Access for Residents and Staff Involved in Unit Turnovers on Multifamily Properties

DENVER, CO, — January 9, 2024 — RemoteLock today announced it is now a fully qualified Yardi® Standard Interface Partner. The interface will enable Yardi Voyager® clients using RemoteLock’s universal access control software to fully automate access permissions for residents and staff involved in unit turnovers, bringing significant operational efficiencies to multifamily properties. 

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RemoteLock is the leading provider of universal access control in multifamily. RemoteLock’s software platform simplifies property-wide access control and enables time-saving automations for property managers. The interface with Yardi completely automates the recurring and time-consuming task of managing access to common doors, elevators and individual units when an apartment is turned over to the next resident. 

The interface works by capturing lease-related details from Yardi Voyager to automatically sync with RemoteLock. When a resident moves in or out of a property, their access rights to every door on a property are updated, eliminating manual data entry in multiple systems. Additionally, maintenance staff can be given permission to units during the turnover period, with permissions automatically expiring when needed to prevent unintended access when the unit is occupied.

The RemoteLock and Yardi Voyager interface allows clients to optimize workflows and delivers efficiencies including: 

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Automated Access Control for Residents 

When a new resident is approved in Yardi Voyager a new access user is automatically created in RemoteLock. Yardi clients can easily define the appropriate access permissions—which units, common areas, parking garages and even elevator floors a resident has permission to access—and automatically issue or revoke access to those areas as needed.

Seamless Turnovers 

RemoteLock can automate access for maintenance, cleaners and other property contractors involved in turning over an apartment unit. Access control credentials are automatically generated and expire before a resident moves in, eliminating any worries about unintended access. 

Simplified Day-To-Day Management  

Yardi clients use the same powerful Yardi Voyager interface to manage their resident move-in/move-out workflow and RemoteLock works behind the scenes to automate access control. No manual entry required or switching back-and-forth between systems

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Kim Garcia 
Director of Marketing 

Kim Garcia

Kim Garcia

Director of Marketing

Kim Garcia is the director of marketing for RemoteLock. She draws her professional energy from seeing technology solutions brought to life that make the world a safer place to live, work and play. She has spent her career in the security industry for that very reason and has gained specific expertise in wireless security, access control and integrator perspectives.