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In businesses of all sizes, who has access to properties and when is always a primary concern. Keyless or electronic access control has reduced many of the hassles and safety worries surrounding access. But when you’re running a  large multifamily or commercial portfolio or vacation rental business, you quickly discover that all those people—leasing professionals, tenants, maintenance teams, guests, property managers—need different permissions within your access software. That’s where RemoteLock’s functions in roles and permissions afford you the valuable granular control needed to customize admin permissions. 

Read on to discover how you can ensure each staff member has the ability to perform their jobs effectively without having access to sensitive property information they simply don’t need.

Perfecting Access Control in Multifamily 

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A large multifamily property in Denver has dialed in access with RemoteLock, specifically defining what each of its 160+ staff members and vendors can and can’t do in the system via roles and permissions. For instance, the property’s owners have full administrative control of their access system. Assistant managers, however, can manage users and guests, but they can’t manage individual hardware devices or door groups, or change account or billing information. Leasing agents also need to manage new residents during move-ins and move-outs, as well as guests when they conduct property tours. But they don’t need to manage other team members’ access schedules or invite new members to the system. With RemoteLock, this granular level of permissions is not only possible, but easy. 

Refining Access Control in Vacation Rental 

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When the vacation season is at its peak, vacation rental owners often hire additional staff to handle the influx of reservations and guests, as well as additional housekeeping and maintenance. Through its roles and permissions function, RemoteLock allows owners and operators to precisely define which access management capabilities these seasonal employees have. For example, if you’re taking on a new assistant manager, you can quickly create a new role of “Seasonal AM” with permissions to lock/unlock doors remotely and manage schedules for housekeeping and maintenance, among other things. But you can keep property owners’ access codes hidden from your AMs, and ensure they don’t have the ability to manage the system’s integration with booking platforms.   

Clarifying Access Control in Commercial

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Commercial building operators can create roles like “Front Desk,” “Vendor” and “IT Manager,” and quickly define system access permissions for each. With a steady stream of foot traffic,  a front desk employee needs the ability to issue new PINs for employees, guests and vendors, but should not be able to view any PINs for obvious security reasons. Unlike the IT manager, who may have more expanded permissions to manage devices and configure common doors, those in reception have scaled-back permissions allowing them to do their jobs without compromising security.  

Customize Access Permissions With RemoteLock

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More enhanced permission options gives you the flexibility to decide who can view, add or edit critical data for your property or facility such as PIN codes and card credentials for users and guests, device management, software integrations, property details and everything in between. This is critical for those managing large properties with layers of organizational structure, as well as frequent employee turnover. Through roles and permissions, RemoteLock ensures you have ultimate control over your property’s access, as well as peace of mind about safety issues. 

Fine-Tune Access Privileges With RemoteLock

Using Roles and Permissions, property owners or general managers can give themselves full permissions from the list below. As administrators, they can define roles and limit  permissions for others in their organizations.

  • Manage Access Users
  • Manage Access Guests
  • Assign Access to Entire Location
  • See PIN Codes
  • See Card Credentials
  • Manage Devices
  • Manage ACS
  • Lock/Unlock Devices
  • Manage Device Integrations
  • Manage Door Groups
  • Manage Schedules
  • Manage Locations
  • Manage Software Integrations
  • Manage Members
  • Manage Roles

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