Resort Data

RDP provides an unprecedented level of system configuration control and presentation of your data.  Our philosophy is to allow customers to easily change reports, screens, confirmations, folios, statements, and more (without calling RDP).

  • Over 400 system reports using Crystal can be printed, emailed, or exported to Excel, Adobe, and other formats.
  • Reservation Analysis screens are available for reservation detail, transactions, and more.
  • Data is located on a file server under your control for high performance and security.
  • Guest confirmations, folios, and marketing materials can include your logo and pictures, and you can easily change them at any time.
  • Accounting data can be exported to third party systems.
  • Mass emails can easily be created for guests, owners, travel agents, groups, and more with images, newsletters, etc.
  • For Vacation Rental and Condo-Hotels, owners can use the Internet to view owner statements, make reservations, enter work orders, and much more.