Rent Manager

Instead of eating up precious time with all the pesky tasks around access during apartment turnovers, turn over your turnovers to RemoteLock and Rent Manager. It’s one powerful way to automate access for everyone during turnovers. So, residents and turnover staff get in and out without you lifting a finger!

Automatic Access for Turnovers and More

This is a true integration that syncs lease- and service-related details from Rent Manager directly with RemoteLock to automate your most tedious tasks.

Approve new residents to move in via Rent Manager, and access permissions are automatically granted. The same happens when residents move out: access is automatically revoked.

Residents move into their new apartment

Data from service issues and inspections automatically sync with RemoteLock. So timebound access codes for vendors and inspectors are automatically created or revoked.

Turnover staff cleans an empty apartment

Have a service issue or inspection that’s not during a turn? This automation works whenever you create a service issue or inspection in Rent Manager.

Emergency maintenance staff fix a leaky pipe

When residents move between units, this info also automatically syncs. If a resident’s new unit includes different door groups, the proper access is automatically granted.

A resident leaves their apartment with a smart lock
Rent Manager and RemoteLock Screenshot with Property Manager

To-Do List Obliterated

RemoteLock works behind the scenes to automate access, while you continue to use the Rent Manager interface you already know.

  • Automatic delivery of access codes for all turnover staff 
  • Super smooth move-ins & move-outs 
  • Hyper-efficient turnovers with units ready to rent faster 
  • Enhanced safety with time-bound, randomly generated access codes 

Actually Automatic

Resident move in is approved in Rent Manager.

RemoteLock automatically grants resident access.

Resident is set to move out in Rent Manager.

RemoteLock automatically revokes resident access.

Service issue or inspection created in Rent Manager.

RemoteLock automatically grants access to vendors and inspectors.

Service issue or inspection is closed in Rent Manager.

RemoteLock automatically revokes access for vendors
and inspectors.

Diagram of Automatic Turnover Access with Rent Manager and RemoteLock

Learn More About Universal Access Control From RemoteLock

Our ultra-flexible platform is designed to work with an ever-growing list of smart lock brands and hardwired solutions. Chat with us today about how RemoteLock simplifies property access, automates time-consuming tasks and eliminates the hassle of keys for good.