All-in-one Hotel Operations:
Guest Messaging, Contactless Checkin, Staff Collaboration, Housekeeping

HelloShift helps modern hoteliers go digital with an all-in-one toolkit for hotel operations — Guest Messaging, Contactless Checkin, Staff Collaboration, Housekeeping Management and more.

Before HelloShift: Work is scattered, staff feel overworked, guests are dissatisfied, and everyone is stressed.

After HelloShift: Everything’s organized in one place, staff is on top of things, guests are fully engaged, and a sense of calm sets in.

Key Features

HelloShift pulls in guest data from the hotel PMS and sends helpful messages via SMS, WhatsApp, SMS, email etc at key points in the guest journey, such as before check-in. The staff collaborate in real-time to delight guests with timely responses.

Guests can upload documents, sign registration cards, make digital payments, receive mobile keys, and use digital guidebook. This drives significant efficiency to the Front Desk operations and provides the guests with the convenience of self-service.

Housekeeping Management app is a quick and efficient way to see at a glance the status of all of the housekeeping tasks at your property. In one view, know which rooms have been assigned and prioritized, and which rooms still need to be assigned.