Accessibility Services, Inc. (ASI) is the provider of the autonoME System, a combined augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) aid and environmental control unit designed specifically for individuals with severe disabilities, progressive diseases, and spinal cord injuries. ASI’s autonoME has become one of the most popular hospital and residential products on the market. The autonoME seamlessly integrates full environmental control, AAC and computer access into one engaging device. Founded in 1991 with a primary vision to help veterans, ASI has since expanded its mission to address the needs of all individuals with severe disabilities focusing especially on the unique and exceptional needs of individuals living with ALS. Founder Fred Thompson’s philosophy, “we start with the customer and work backwards” has inspired ASI’s research and development engineers to constantly to update and upgrade our assistive technology, ensuring we continue to deliver the most advanced and progressive solutions on the market.

ASI’s ongoing goal is to help people realize and regain their independence through technology.