No Wi-Fi? No problem. RemoteLock now supports offline multifamily properties

As a multifamily property manager and owner of an A or B-class asset, you’re acutely aware of the challenges of balancing costs and residents’ expectations. 

For example, with the cost of turnover averaging just under $4000, you’re laser-focused on shortening the process and collecting rent for as many days as possible. But if you have traditional locks, your key changes may take several days.

You’re also trying to meet rising expectations. Offering better community technology is part of that, just behind the number one preference for better amenities.  

Investing in security and access control is one way to reduce costs and meet the expectations of current and prospective residents. But the benefits are limited if your property isn’t Wi-Fi enabled. 

And given the expense of smart locks and adding whole-property Wi-Fi, you may have decided to stick with the status quo, which may mean traditional metal key locks and access control of your common doors. After all, it wouldn’t be off-base to conclude that modern proptech is for new or higher-end properties that have Wi-Fi hubs on every floor. 

Fortunately, we’ve been working on an affordable solution to provide premier, universal access control to all your doors—no Wi-Fi required.  

One smart lock got “smarter”
Schlage Control Lock

While smart locks eliminate rekeying costs, shorten turnover time, and meet renters’ expectations of “keyless entry,” upgrading is costly. And it is difficult to justify the change if you cannot connect them to your other systems.  

Historically, RemoteLock has supported locks that require an internet connection to provide the benefits of universal access control for multifamily properties. 

However, through our ever-expanding integrations with leading smart lock brands, we’re extending our capabilities to offline locks or non-Wi-Fi-enabled properties.

Our integration with Schlage Control®, an affordable smart lock that doesn’t require Wi-Fi, allows property managers to benefit from integrating their smart locks with their preferred PMS. This means you can track events per unit and view common doors within the same system. 

The non-Wi-Fi solution you’ve been waiting for

Our integration with offline locks delivers two main benefits for multifamily properties: 

  • One tool: Your preferred property management system manages all functions and operations for resident turnover. Behind the scenes, RemoteLock takes care of managing access to the unit for residents and service personnel, including access control. 
  • One platform: RemoteLock will allow you to view and control all doors on your property remotely.

Together, they enable you to secure and manage your offline and online locks and add more connected hardware as you grow.

But that’s just the high level. If you’ve just discovered our solution for non-Wi-Fi enabled properties, you may not know about the other benefits of RemoteLock’s solution for multifamily properties. 

Here’s what you can do with our premier, cloud-based universal access control platform. 

  • Streamline your operations: Leverage one system for interior doors with affordable offline locks, main doors with wired access, parking garages, and elevators.
  • Automate turnover access: Fill vacant units quicker by automating access needs of vendors, staff, and residents involved in turnovers.
  • Control access remotely: Respond quickly to access needs or late-night emergencies and avoid rekeying across your property portfolio. 
  • Make decisions based on data: Use access control information to evaluate the use of amenities and decide what you can improve, eliminate, or even charge fees for.

There are other remote access platforms, but as you expand your property portfolio, it is important that your system can manage all your doors and integrate with your PMS. RemoteLock does that best with its hardware-agnostic software, open API, and now, support for non-Wi-Fi-enabled properties. 

It gets better: mobile credentials support coming soon

As if support for offline locks wasn’t exciting enough, we’re working on a more innovative long-term benefit for properties that aren’t Wi-Fi enabled: support for mobile credentials. 

This enhancement, planned for Q4, will enable residents to use their phones to open doors, including their unit doors. It will eliminate the cost and hassle of keys, cards, or fobs and improve security, as mobile credentials can’t be shared.

Additionally, you’ll be able to reset mobile credentials for new residents to speed turnover and deliver secure guest access. 

Aside from the cost savings and better security, mobile credential support is one more way RemoteLock can meet the expectations of your current and prospective residents who expect, if not demand, better community technology.

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