San Pedro Case Study 2022

San Pedro Case Study

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There’s nothing like real-world examples when it comes to furthering your knowledge. So, please complete the form, and we’ll send you an email with our San Pedro Case Study. Among other things, you’ll discover:

•  How access control is expertly applied at a charming, unique property

•  How the platform easily accommodates both short- and long-term rentals

Cutting-Edge Tech for a Historic Building

If you manage an historic property, you may think cutting-edge technology like cloud-based access control and smart locks won’t work for you. In our San Pedro Case Study, we describe how RemoteLock was the perfect solution for this apartment complex that attracts tourists from all over the globe. 

Located in idyllic San Pedro Square, the property has 32 units which were remodeled in 2016 to accommodate the property’s new, tech-enabled amenities while also preserving the original character. Our San Pedro Case Study explores how property management embraces a hybrid business model of offering both short-term and long-term rentals with efficient, reliable access control at its core.

In the San Pedro Case Study, you’ll discover the specific lock hardware the management team chose. To control each lock, they chose RemoteLock’s universal access control platform that integrates with OwnerRez, so the software automatically generates a unique PIN code with each short-term booking. 

Additionally, the new solution manages every door from one centralized dashboard, offering immediate insights to the team about who has entered the property and where. As the property manager says, ““If there’s a problem, I can take care of it immediately from RemoteLock’s mobile app. And if I’m worried a PIN code hasn’t been changed after a guest’s departure, I can press a button and it’s done. There’s no ambiguity when you see it on your screen.” This case study offers real-world learnings and advice that you’ll want to implement at your multifamily property.

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