Redpeak Case Study 2022

RedPeak Case Study

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• How one of the largest multifamily developers and operators permanently eliminated the hassle of physical keys

• How the platform scales across multiple properties and aggregates on one unified dashboard

Eliminating Keys and Rekeying In Multifamily

Multifamily operators today are always looking for ways to save and improve efficiencies. Discover how one property management company with 36 properties made a huge impact on operations and safety in our RedPeak Case Study. 

Before switching to the RemoteLock platform, property managers and staff were spending thousands of hours each year tracking down and replacing physical keys, as well as being on-site to allow access for maintenance, deliveries and locked-out residents. Our RedPeak Case Study details the transformation from a business weighed down by keys to a streamlined, keyless operation. As the community manager said: “This provides a huge time savings. Property staff are able to simply update codes into the system, delete access, and assign new access and it’s all effective immediately. We’re no longer tracking where hard keys are, or who might have access.”

In this RedPeak Case Study, read about how management used RemoteLock’s universal access control to: 

  • Streamline operations and simplify access and security management for community managers
  • Empower around 60 individual staff members to use the system daily to easily manage maintenance, and resident and vendor access
  • Save thousands of hours per year previously spent managing physical keys for residents, staff, maintenance and deliveries
  • Secure over 1,600 units across 36 properties
  • Manage a combination of wireless locks and wired access doors on a single, centralized platform
  • Provide the in-demand amenity of keyless entry for residents to access individual apartment units and shared common areas