Choosing the Right Smart Lock for Vacation Rentals 1

Choosing the Right Smart Lock for Vacation Rentals

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• How smart locks and access control software can streamline your vacation rental business

• Hardware and door preparation tips

• Time-saving features on the RemoteLock platform

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The burgeoning short-term rental market offers an attractive model with substantial cash flow and potential ROI. But in order to get the profits flowing, you need the right technology in place, especially smart locks. 

Our guide to Choosing the Right Smart Lock for Vacation Rentals makes your shopping and decision-making easier. Learn from our access experts as they review the key features to look for when buying smart locks. For example, there are time-saving integrations with OTA platforms like Airbnb. You also want the ability to control smart locks remotely. And last, but not least, look for functions that allow you to easily create access schedules for guests and housekeepers.

Whether you’re a very small operator of just two or three properties or a large vacation rental management company, you’ll quickly discover in Choosing the Right Smart Lock for Vacation Rentals that your smart lock is only as smart as the software behind it. If you want to gain the most operational efficiencies, improve the guest experience and ensure each of your properties is safe, you need a flexible software platform that accommodates many different brands of locks and locking technologies. Choosing the Right Smart Lock takes you through a door-by-door process to both understand your access environment and discover how to best secure it.

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