Pynwheel x RemoteLock: The Ultimate Self-Touring Solution

Contactless touring has taken the multi-family rental industry by storm. 83% of American renters prefer self-touring over other virtual options for its convenience and ability to experience a property in-person. For property managers, self-touring options provide schedule flexibility and extra time given back to their teams, which ultimately frees up resources and fuels occupancy. And thanks to increased health and safety precautions as a result of COVID-19, self-guided tours are increasing in popularity as property owners begin to discover their benefits to business and to potential tenants. 

But investing in and implementing the technologies needed to successfully launch a self-guiding strategy are often complicated, requiring multiple platforms for scheduling the tour, guiding the prospective tenant through the tour, and following up with leasing information after the tour completes — until Pynwheel announced its integration with RemoteLock this month. The partnership brings together two leaders in multi-family technology: Pynwheel, which offers a complete self-tour solution available to multi-family rentals, and RemoteLock, the leading cloud-based provider of universal access control. Together, the two offer an unparalleled touring experience that significantly cuts time, saves money, and optimizes the leasing process for property managers.

“In order for a showing to be truly self-guided, prospective renters need to be empowered to access the tour areas and not have to wait for someone to come let them in with a key. RemoteLock enables that by bringing intuitive smart lock management to life within Pynwheel Self Tour. – Jennifer Cyphers, Founder and CEO of Pynwheel


Get a closer look at how Pynwheel’s Self Tour application integrates seamlessly with RemoteLock’s universal access control platform.


Within Pynwheel’s scheduler widget, prospective tenants can easily schedule a tour during a time that’s most convenient to them. From there, they’ll receive notifications with tour reminders, directions to where to start on the property, and prompts to download and launch the app when they arrive.

Touring & Accessing

After passing identity verification, prospective tenants are guided through the property with interactive maps, media galleries, and descriptions of public spaces. If certain spaces or units must be accessed using smart locks or digital access codes, RemoteLock works seamlessly with Pynwheel to provide self-expiring access codes that are shared during the tour, providing a more enjoyable and more secure user experience.


Thanks to real-time access history, multi-family users can monitor and revoke access when needed, gaining full visibility into who entered which space when. Property Managers will also get email notifications when prospects arrive and depart, and with RemoteLock’s self-expiring codes, users can ensure security and accountability for prospective tenants during and after their tour. 

Following Up

After the tour completes, the prospect will receive a thank-you text and email inviting them to review tour highlights and apply for a lease. The “Saved Tour Highlights” feature enables tenants to save their tours and review on their own, or they can share with friends and family.

How to get started 

Seamless self-touring is attainable for any multi-family property, no matter where you are in your access control journey. 

  • Existing RemoteLock customers: Our integration with Pynwheel is now available as an option to implement across all multi-family properties. Schedule a time with our team to see how it can work for you. 
  • Existing Pynwheel Customers: RemoteLock’s access technology is now fully integrated with Pynwheel’s platform, enabling Pynwheel users to streamline their touring process with access schedules and self-expiring codes. 
  • Properties with Smart Locks: If you already have smart locks installed on your properties (unit doors and/or public spaces) and you’re exploring self-touring options, schedule a demo of RemoteLock’s universal access control platform integrated with Pynwheel. 
  • Properties without Smart Locks: We highly recommend a universal access control system for multi-family rentals, but even properties without smart locks on unit doors can take advantage of Pynwheel and RemoteLock’s benefits. Pynwheel works with low-tech hardware like lockboxes, and RemoteLock is available for installation and smart lock consultations once you’re ready to invest in an access control solution.

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