Marketing Tips for Selling Model Homes and Spec Homes

Whether sales agents are stationed at every model home or online consultants are waiting for inquiries, here are some basic ways to increase the number of potential home buyers that tour your model homes or spec houses.

Make Showings More Convenient for Home Buyers

Expanding access hours is convenient for buyers because they are able to tour on their own schedule. Staffing model homes outside of normal business hours ensures that an agent is available to show the model home or spec house, but that can be expensive and a waste of agent resources. A remote access system allows prospective buyers to tour a model home or spec house without sales agents present.

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Generate More Home Buying Leads Online

Selling new homes is a numbers game for home builders. Not only do market demand and area growth factor into where new neighborhoods are built, but selling homes is largely a result of how many potential home buyers come through the doors. 

Lowering the barrier to entry these days means giving people the ability to complete tasks online. Eliminating the need for potential home buyers to schedule a showing during certain times and to make the request over the phone means more people are likely to convert. In exchange for a few pieces of contact information, they can schedule and receive an access code without having to speak to an agent. 

Turn Leads into Buyers with Nurture Campaigns

Online lead generation for model spec homes 0

Your marketing team and sales agents can use the contact information collected from showing requests to nurture leads into customers. You can use email to communicate when new homes will be finished, possible move-in dates, and what floor plans will be available in the future — helping you to gauge interest, upsell, and keep your homes at the top of buyers’ minds. 

With accurate contact information, it’s easy to follow up and make sure home buyers know they’re welcome to come back for another look. And you can keep the relationship going by inviting them to special events, offering promotions and sharing progress updates. 

Build a Relationship on the Home Buyer’s Terms

SmartLocks and remote access systems offer you more than security and convenience. They deliver the contact information of your potential buyers. In today’s fast-moving sales environment, information is money. RemoteLock’s OpenEdge platform enables you to gather and manage information from a cloud-based dashboard. Request a consultation with one of our access control experts who has experience helping home builders.