Managing Conference Rooms at Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces aren’t just for renting desks and offices. Small businesses may need private rooms to meet internally or conduct training sessions. Freelancers could be looking for quiet meeting spaces to sit down with prospective clients. Offering the use of conference rooms in your coworking space can bring in new members or increase usage among existing members.

Furnish Coworking Conference Rooms with Presentation Equipment

A perk of coworking spaces is that they offer members professional amenities. From phone answering services to printers and copy machines, coworking spaces often provide conveniences that enhance the office environment. 

Conference rooms in coworking spaces should be quiet, private areas for members to meet. The rooms should also be furnished with any equipment a coworking member might need to facilitate a meeting, presentation, or conference call. Make sure there’s a range of technology options available — from whiteboards or paper easels to video conferencing equipment or projectors. Having accessories like power strips, connection cords, and dry-erase markers makes it easy on coworking members to hold meetings.

Restrict Access to Conference Rooms to Authorized Members

Members should be respectful of the coworking space and other members by not squatting in conference rooms they haven’t booked. This isn’t always the case. Some coworking members abuse conference rooms by using them if they appear empty.

Restricting access to conference rooms can help coworking managers keep meetings on schedule and avoid the uncomfortable moments having to enforce the rules. Keeping doors locked with smart locks and automatically administering access codes to coworking members who have booked that conference room ensures that only those who are supposed to be in the conference room can unlock the door.

Create a Process for Coworking Members to Book a Conference Room 

Creating an intuitive and manageable process for booking conference rooms in a coworking space can help with compliance and make it easy for coworking members to use the space.

Using an access control system streamlines the process for members to gain and coworking managers to administer short-term access to a conference room. Instead of reserving the room on a paper sign-up sheet or making a request via email and needing a coworking manager unlock doors with a key, conference room schedules can be maintained in a central access control system. An access control system that’s integrated with a CRM can further automate the conference room booking process by sending access codes once a member has successfully booked the conference room online and paid for the space. 

An Easy Way to Manage Access to Conference Rooms 

Conference room space is an attractive offering for many coworking members. EdgeState is a cloud-based access control solution that simplifies the process coworking members go through to reserve and gain access to conference rooms and private meeting spaces. Reach out to a Remote Lock representative to talk discuss how EdgeState is used to manage access control in a coworking space.