Web Based Access Control Systems Ensure Flexibility 

In today’s IoT (Internet of Things) landscape, there’s an ever-growing list of smart devices like computers, televisions, watches, refrigerators and more that can now receive data and allow for remote control via the internet. Web based access control systems, also known as cloud-based access control, are yet another example. Whether you need to control access for a single door or for an entire enterprise, web based access control systems like RemoteLock offer a host of benefits over traditional, hardwired systems.  

Web Based Access Control Systems

Web Based Access Control Systems Can Be Managed Remotely

These access control solutions put you in control of your entire system from anywhere there’s internet connectivity. They have a lower cost of ownership, too, as there’s no need for an on-premise server or panel, expensive IT infrastructure or specialized personnel to keep the system running day-to-day. You can add, delete or change access levels for properties all around the world at a moment’s notice using an app on your smartphone or laptop via the cloud. 

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Scale to Any Door

They Scale Easily as Businesses Grow

Web based access control systems provide the freedom to reliably expand and contract your access as needed while keeping the costs aligned with actual system usage. Gone are the days of guessing how much your system will need to accommodate and then buying expensive panels that may never be used to their full capacity. Instead, your system easily scales, as new users are brought on or removed, access levels adjusted and new doors are added.

Web Based Access Control Systems Run 24/7

Many businesses run around the clock. Grocery stores, apartment complexes, fitness centers and medical facilities represent only a fraction of the businesses that operate continuously. Today’s high-speed life demands that access control systems not only be on 24 hours a day, but that they be configurable and the monitoring data be available at a moment’s notice. System uptime and disaster recovery protocols are essential considerations when choosing web based access control systems. Unlike on-premise solutions that often require a system technician to be onsite to manually push through feature upgrades or cybersecurity patches, cloud-based access control allows changes to be deployed remotely any time of day. The “always on” model of cloud-based solutions makes them ideal for applications that require secure and efficient access control management from any device such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet device. 

Web Based Access Control Systems 24/7

They Feature Interoperability 

Web based access control systems should work with all the new technologies building operators use to solve real-world problems. Founded on an open API, these types of solutions encourage innovation with third-party software developers who need access control in their own products. They offer property managers a diverse, multi-vendor ecosystem that bridges the physical and digital worlds. Your access control becomes the foundation for a whole host of connected technologies like property management software, hybrid work management and maintenance ticking.  

RemoteLock for Multifamily Turnovers Cycle

For example, RemoteLock integrates with popular property management software. Via these integrations, property managers and staff can dramatically accelerate apartment turnovers with automated access for residents, staff and vendors involved in turnovers. It’s a significant time-saver, and vacant units reach occupancy quicker. Unlike some other web based access control systems, RemoteLock ensures these integrations work smoothly behind-the-scenes without users ever leaving their preferred PMS. Lease-related details from each PMS automatically sync with RemoteLock, so access codes are automatically delivered to residents, staff and vendors when they need them, and revoked when they don’t.

Another interoperability aspect of RemoteLock that’s not standard with all web based access control systems: hardware choices. This software platform accommodates an ever-growing collection of smart locks, many from popular brands such as Schlage, Yale, August and Kwikset. AND RemoteLock covers hardwired doors at main entrances, gates, parking garages, glass doors and more. Even if you have an existing hardwired system, many of these can also migrate to RemoteLock’s cloud-based platform, so there’s no need to rip and replace old hardware.  

Web Based Access Control Systems Lock Down Data Security 

Ensuring the data underlying any access control system stays secure is critical. Web based access control systems offer data security protection that extends beyond what on-premise solutions can offer. Traditional systems depend on dedicated, local hosted servers which are often left vulnerable to hardware failures and missed software security updates. But cloud-based systems have hardware redundancy, reducing the risks and impact of hardware failures. They ensure software updates never fall by the wayside due to budget or limited IT resources. Unplanned system interruptions are minimized through this redundancy and the loss of critical access data is prevented through regularly scheduled data back-ups.

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RemoteLock Managing Access Remotely

The Only Access Control Partner You’ll Ever Need

Whether you manage a slew of vacation rentals or a multifamily or commercial property, you likely face a host of challenges, including increasing revenue and occupancy rates, handling resident or guest complaints, staying on top of property maintenance, and much more. By leveraging the latest technology to handle access and security, you free up resources and staff to focus on other important priorities like growing your business. That’s why your next step is so critical. Select the best from the market’s offering of web based access control systems by using the criteria above. Choose RemoteLock and you gain an access technology partner who understands that software is likely more important than the physical hardware on your doors.

Time to Add Modern Access Control to Your Property? 

Many properties feature different types of doors, different types of lock hardware and different users with different access needs, it’s imperative to connect with an access control system expert like those at RemoteLock. These pros in web based access control systems can show you how to make access easy, improve security, maximize efficiencies, reduce costs and bring transformative technology home to all your spaces.  

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