Identifying the Best Commercial Access Control Systems

Proptech is transforming the way commercial property owners manage and monitor their properties. Specifically, the best commercial access control systems can be integrated at office buildings, retail spaces and mixed-use buildings to  improve security while minimizing time and resources spent coordinating access. With RemoteLock, one of the best commercial access control systems on the market today, commercial property owners and managers find a flexible solution that covers every access point; affords remote control of locking hardware; easily handles various door types, credentials and lock hardware; and centralizes access management from a single point-of-command. 

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What the Best Commercial Access Control Systems Solve

Much like a multifamily, commercial buildings feature many points of access, doors with varying types of lock hardware, many different users plus different access schedules. Below, you’ll discover how RemoteLock solves these challenges. 

Coverage for Every Type of Door & Hardware on One System

The best commercial access control systems are comprehensive. They cover hardwired doors and gates at main entrances and parking garages, and they cover unit doors and access points at common spaces with smart locks, too. RemoteLock is a prime example. This flexible platform brings together both hardwired doors and those enabled with smart locks on one system. Even if you have an existing hardwired system, many of these can also migrate to RemoteLock’s cloud-based platform, so there’s no need to rip and replace old hardware.  

If your commercial real estate portfolio is growing and you’re adding more properties to your portfolio, you’ll likely end up with a hodgepodge of doors and hardware at different properties. Given this complexity, a single access solution may seem out of reach. Not with RemoteLock.

Whether it’s a warehouse door, exterior gate, glass door, parking garage entrance or interior office door, this cloud-based solution brings every door together on one intuitive platform. Best of all, you can remotely manage all of your properties’ doors and their diverse hardware from one app on your smartphone or laptop. To solidify its position as one of the best commercial access control systems, RemoteLock also manages the greatest diversity of smart locks and wired access from leading manufacturers. This proves invaluable for commercial buildings which may manage exit-bar doors, high-traffic main entrances, parking garages and more. 

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Customized Schedules for Various Users

Many people likely come and go at different times at your commercial property. With software like RemoteLock, you can easily customize access schedules. Let’s say you have a tenant who runs a retail store. Another manages an accounting firm. The store owner needs high security for several doors to prevent employee theft, but access control also needs to accommodate the high staff turnover inherent in the business. The accounting firm needs easy yet secure access for employees with the ability to track every entry and exit. And they both want to be able to quickly and easily revoke access without worrying about tracking down keys. Plus, vendors need easy, approved access to make deliveries or perform valuable services. 

Commercial Building Manager
Building Manager

Has enterprise-wide control from one dashboard

Commercial Tenant

Can easily create employee access schedules

Commerical Visitor 1

Enjoys the ease of a temporary access code

Commercial Maintenance

Uses self-expiring PIN that’s good only for authorized spaces

The best commercial access control systems like RemoteLock seamlessly accommodate custom schedules. For example, an employer may create a schedule for Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM each day. Selecting this schedule for each employee or access user would send this schedule to the lock as part of each of their credentials. When each of these users enters their PINs, the door only unlocks within the parameters of the schedule. It’s easy to create “access exception” schedules, also known as holiday schedules. Let’s say a business on your property is closed on major U.S. holidays. An access exception schedule can be created to include all of these dates. These can then be applied to a schedule in order to deny access on these dates. Finally, it’s simple to grant or revoke access on the fly via text should you need to allow access for a repair professional or vendor whose delivery schedule was delayed. 

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Reaping the Rewards of Data

When looking for the best commercial access control systems, commercial operators should demand that the access control solution not only helps secure spaces, but also provides much-needed data about your spaces and how people use them. That’s why RemoteLock features reporting functions that are easily accessible in just a few clicks. 

  • Access User Report: a list of users/guests who are active, upcoming, deactivated or expired
  • Event Reporting: access event with a timestamp, door at which event occurred, type of event and method of entry 
  • Device Report: battery power level, network status and serial number—all useful data for maintenance when troubleshooting devices
  • Admin Log: More in-depth report of events history and show details like who the administrator was and the action he/she performed

A filter function can be used on any of the above reports, allowing you to narrow the data to a certain location, date, time or user. Plus, all of these reports can be quickly exported to a CSV file (tabulated in plain text), so you can organize, save and share the data with others who may not have access to the platform.  

What’s more, today’s commercial spaces need to accommodate hybrid workforces. The best commercial access control systems like RemoteLock are quickly becoming the standard for office and commercial spaces striving for safe, hybrid-ready spaces in the post-COVID-19 era. By improving the management of your “people flow” throughout your building, you gain better situational awareness and overall security.  

Data from the system answers questions like: How should employees be situated in commercial spaces? Does engineering demand more space than finance because more of their staff routinely comes to the office? Which entrance is used the most frequently? What can we expect in occupancy rates in the next six months?   

Today’s environment also demands you effectively manage the total number of people in a given space. For commercial buildings, a cloud-based access control system and its data are foundational tools for giving employees specific days in the office, as well as the work stations and meeting rooms they need. In the past, access control was mostly deployed at the main entrance of commercial buildings. Now, with helpful integrations, you can use the best commercial access control systems to reserve spaces, including common spaces and individual offices.

Time to Add Modern Access Control to Your Property? 

In the IoT (Internet of Things) era, a modern access control system is a priority for your property, as well as a strategic business initiative. Your 21st century residents, guests, tenants, vendors and visitors expect it. Because many multifamily and commercial properties feature different types of doors, different types of lock hardware and different users with different access needs, it’s imperative to connect with an access control system expert like those at RemoteLock.

These pros in web based access control systems can show you how to make access easy, improve security, maximize efficiencies, reduce costs and bring transformative technology home to all your spaces.  

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