Door Locks Powered by RemoteLock 

Streamline the operations of any business with access software for smart door locks. RemoteLock’s solution for business properties manages every door—hardwired ones, too—and allows you to customize access for tenants, staff, maintenance and more. 

RemoteLock secures many business doors and residential doors.

Cover Every Door

There’s no need to pivot between different door entry systems. Our software allows you to manage any door—those operated by key fob, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and those operated with hardwired access control systems like main entrances.

Create Custom Schedules

Create different access schedules to accommodate the wide variety of access users: tenants, staff, delivery drivers, etc.  You can also create schedules based on business hours or special holiday hours. It’s easy to customize access with RemoteLock, then see and manage everyone’s access permissions on one streamlined platform. 

Dashboard and Locations 1

Enjoy Next-Level Integrations

Working smarter is essential to grow your business. With keyless entry for commercial doors and our software platform, you can tap into the efficiency-boosting integrations that make everything easier.

RemoteLock dashboard allows you to track business access

Enhance Safety

Gain true visibility and make your spaces safer. Easily track in the entries of staff, maintenance and vendors in real-time. Or audit access with reporting. 

It’s Time to Lock Down Access the Smart Way!

Not sure what you need? Whether you’re looking for an access control system or smart locks for your storefront, our access experts can help you.