Small Business

Enterprise Level access control on a small business budget.

Advanced access control is now within reach for small business owners -- whether you have just one door or dozens. RemoteLock ACS solutions start at just $995, putting enterprise level access control within reach. Smart locks using WiFi allow you to remotely monitor and control access from wherever you happen to be. Remove employee access instantly and insure doors are locked remotely. Even view history logs of employee access. Perfect for office suites, health facilities, space sharing offices, restaurants, and other small businesses.

Minimal Up Front Investment

With RemoteLock’s cloud-based architecture there is no need for expensive on-site servers or dedicated workstations.

Scalable Solution

Quickly and easily add additional doors or building sites to the RemoteLock cloud-based platform. Internal doors can be added in minutes with RemoteLock WiFi door locks… no need for wiring!

Always Know What Your Staff Are Doing

Need to be sure that an employee opened up the shop on time?  No problem — get text alerts sent to your phone when they open the door.

Easy Web-Based Management

The RemoteLock web platform has a simple browser-based interface that allows anyone to easily manage the system, add & delete users, and manage access… even on their first login.


View real-time access history reports for all your doors across all your properties. Now you’ll know exactly who, when, and where people are entering your business or property.

RemoteLock System Benefits

The RemoteLock ACS is a cloud-based access management system that integrates external door controllers with internal stand-alone Wi-Fi connected locks for a complete access solution. With an easy to use and intuitive browser-based interface, the system integrates open architecture hardware from best-in-class manufacturers like Mercury and HID. Whether you have one door or thousands, the RemoteLock ACS brings solutions to small and mid-sized businesses that were previously out of reach.

Control All Your Doors

The RemoteLock ACS not only includes traditional physical access management hardware typically used for perimeter access points, but also integrates internal Wi-Fi stand-alone door locks. This gives administrators complete control of an entire buildings access control needs, not just a few doors.


Simple Interior Door Solution

Quickly and easily add connected access management to interior offices, utility rooms and more. With integrated stand-alone Wi-Fi door locks, there is no need to pull cable or install readers and strike plates. Just swap out the door lock and you’re done.

Remote Access Management And Control

With internet connected locks and sensors, you can monitor your doors in real time. View up-to date access records to see who has entered the building or inner office suite. Even lock or unlock doors remotely in real-time.

Faster Deployment & Installation

LockState’s Web-based architecture offers significant savings over traditional physical access systems. Because the system is hosted online, there is no need for computer hardware, fixed client workstations, software licenses, ongoing staffing resources, software installations or system upgrades.

Centralized Control For Multiple Facilities

Manage one or 100’s of locations all from our cloud-based system.  Each location calls direct to our cloud, keeping one central location for all access data.

Total Control Solution

Quickly and easily expand your remote monitoring and control capabilities with internet connected thermostats, power plugs, sensors and more.


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